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About Us

About Us

We are presenting our new edition of our Catalog.

New updated website is being presented herewith. Publishing changes are made in view of our expanding range and wider acceptability of ATE products.

The Discus range is enlarged and ATE has the largest range of Discus in the world to cater to every level of athlete.  UNIQUE distance rated Black Rim Discus is introduced. Our Discus is used in almost every competition all over the world. Superiority of ATE Discus is unmatched. The only difference is some big brands. Mr Adarsh Anand has used his vast experience innovating unmatched quality Discus. 

Our Shots, Hammers, Javelins(newly introduced) has the same quality. Hammers are engraved to give a special look apart from its aerodynamics designing. Starting Blocks, Hurdles, Landing Equipment, and complete range of Track  Field Equipment has improved look. We are grateful to coaches and top Athletes world over for their valuable suggestions.

Weight lifting is another area where great improvement is mad and ATE sets are as per International rules though not certified. They are widely acceptable by lifters for training and are used is local competitions where there is no need to use certified highly expensive sets.

Innovation is constant at ATE and our aim is to improve all the time and introduce new products.         


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